7/7 London bombings 10th anniversary: British Transport Police commemorate anniversary

Catherine Neilan
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British Transport Police talk to a man caught in the 7/7 blast (Source: Getty)
British Transport Police officers and staff are holding memorials up and down London's commuter network today as part of the 10th year anniversary of 7/7.
Three explosions took place on the Tube – by Aldgate, Edgware Road and Russell Square - within seconds of each other, while a fourth device was detonated on a bus by Tavistock Square an hour later.
This last blast was close to BTP’s headquarters at the time. The building became a base for the walking wounded to assemble in.
Today BTP is laying wreaths at various stations throughout the network to remember the victims as well as honouring colleagues' work on that day and the weeks after.
Chief constable Paul Crowther said: “The heroic efforts of BTP personnel and all agencies who responded to the events of 7 July 2005 will never be forgotten and the memories of what happened on that day remain firmly in our minds.
“The 10th anniversary of these horrendous attacks is a chance for everyone to pay their respects to those who were killed and injured.
“A lot of things have changed since 7/7, both in how we monitor threats and how we respond when they are apparent.
“We now have comprehensive communications system which allows us to link in with Transport for London and other agencies much more efficiently.
“We have far greater access to CCTV, with more widespread coverage than ten years ago, and we use regular training exercises to test our response to threats.
“All of these changes are designed to help us ensure this terrible tragedy never happens again.”

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