Dubai's Burj 2020: The world's tallest commercial tower is coming

Emma Haslett
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At 820m tall, Dubai's Burj Khalifa is currently the world's tallest tower (Source: Getty)

Dubai may be home to the world's tallest structure, aka the Burj Khalifa - but now it's getting ready to set a new record, with the Burj 2020, the world's tallest commercial tower.

The DMCC, part of the government of Dubai, said today it had hired "supertall" skyscraper architects Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill - the architects behind the Burj Khalifa andthe Kingdom Tower - to design tower which will form part of a new business district. The tower will include the world's highest observation deck, with 360-degree views.

Dubai has also enlisted WATG, the consultancy behind The Atlantis in Dubai, Paradise Island in the Bahamas and Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.

WATG is one of the companies behind Dubai's The Atlantis (Source: Getty)

It's hoped the district will add 1.3m sq m of commercial space to the area, with space for offices, retail and hotels.

By today's standards, to become the tallest commercial building in the world, the Burj 2020 will need to be at least 510m (1,673ft) tall, in order to trump the 508m tall 101 Tower in Taipei.

But it will also be up against two other office buildings, currently under construction - the 528m Zhonggo Zun tower in Beijing, and the Ping An tower in Shenzen, which is expected to hit 660m - suggesting it might be more like 700m.

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