This animation shows how 12 iconic company logos have changed over time: Coca-cola, Nike, Google, Apple, Microsoft

Jessica Morris
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Even the traditional Coca Cola logo has changed over time (Source: Getty)

Logos are key to how customers remember and relate to a company - meaning many avoid changing them too often.

However, Zing Ecommerce has put together an animation showing how much some of the world's most widely recognised logos have changed over time.

"It might surprise you how the most recognisable logos of some of the most celebrated brands have evolved over time," it said.

Tech giant Apple's first logo is virtually unrecognisable from the bitten fruit which graces its products today. It featured Sir Isaac Newton sitting under the tree from which an apple fell and hit him on the head - sparking his groundbreaking work on gravity.

The Coca-Cola logo has evolved from swirly black typography with the words "trademark registered" on the first 'C' - into the red and white design which adorns its cans and bottles today.

"Even the traditional Coca Cola has changed its style more than a few times," Zing Ecommerce said.

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