Ryanair issues YouTube plea to David Cameron to end Airport Passenger Duty

The airline, run by Michael O’Leary, asked the returning PM to scrap Airport Passenger Duty
The election might be over, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop hearing about it anytime soon, especially now that Ryanair has got in on the act.
The budget airline has released a video on its Youtube channel, congratulating David Cameron on keeping the top spot. However, like its leader Michael O’Leary, Ryanair never misses an opportunity to gain publicity and so the video also served as a plea to the Prime Minister to scrap Airport Passenger Duty (APD).
Whizzing through the Irish economic crisis in about 30 seconds, the airline informed Cameron that getting rid of APD in Ireland had brought in millions of euros in tourism, and concluded: “It’s simple Dave. Cut APD for everyone and grow tourism, and we can all have a party.” With a case like that to answer, the APD issue must be at the top of Cameron’s agenda.

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