Spain’s Prime Minister hits back at Tsipras’s anti-Greece conspiracy claims

Lynsey Barber
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Spain's PM has hit back at the Greek PM's claims (Source: Getty)

Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has hit back at the Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras, over accusations the country is part of a conspiracy against the Greek anti-austerity government.

Rajoy called on Tsipras to be “serious” after accusing Spain and Portugal of being part of an “axis of powers” undermining Greece's debt negotiations with Europe.

Tsipras said on Saturday the two countries had taken a hard line on negotiations because of fears over their own radical forces ahead of elections this year.

"Their plan was and is to wear down, topple or bring our government to unconditional surrender before our work begins to bear fruit and before the Greek example affects other countries," said Tsipras in a speech, “And mainly before the election in Spain," he added.

At a meeting of Spain’s conservative party, Rajoy said "We are not responsible for the frustration created by the radical Greek left which promised the Greek people things it knew it couldn't hold to."

Rajoy said Spain had shown solidarity with Greece as part of the Eurozone by helping with its bailout, which was eventually extended for four months after tense negotiations.

The Prime Minister also urged Greece to fulfill its obligations and keep its promises.

Tsipras has said he won concessions for Greece in the negotiations rejecting criticism that Syriza, which swept to power on an anti-austerity platform, staged a climbdown during talks.

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