BG Group's new chief executive Helge Lund has first day in the top job

Jessica Morris
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Helge Lund starts his new role at BG Group today (Source: Getty)

Starting a new job is always daunting but BG Group's new chief executive Helge Lund will have to contend with crumbling global oil prices which prompted an $8.9bn write-off and consequent fourth-quarter loss.

Lund, who had been due to start on March 2, will begin his new role today "following [an] agreement last week from his former employer to release him from his contractual commitment", BG Group said.

Lund, who was formerly chief executive at Norwegian state-owned energy company Statoil, initially attracted criticism from shareholders over his remuneration package which was later reduced from £10m to £4.7m.

Andrew Gould, who has been serving as interim Executive Chairman of BG Group since April 2014, will return to his role as Non-Executive Chairman with effect from 9 February 2015.

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