Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott admits he could lose Liberal leadership

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Tony Abbott has warned against his party descending into "Game of Thrones" rivalries. (Source: Getty)
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has admitted he could lose the leadership of centre-right Liberal Party in Monday’s spill motion.
Abbott said he was chastened by the experience that has left him fighting off a leadership challenge against no declared contenders.
Liberal MPs will meet on Monday to vote on the motion to spill the leadership although no other contender has emerged as an alternative Prime Minister.
Abbott brought the vote forward from its original planned date of Tuesday in order to "end uncertainty". The Prime Minister has worked to shore up support, but only 34 MP’s have publicly announced they would vote against the motion.
Removing Abbott would require the approval of 50 per cent of the 102 party members voting. The Prime Minister has faced vehement criticism in recent weeks for his decision to award Prince Philip the knighthood of the Order of Australia.
Abbott has promised the party he will reform his leadership if kept in place.
He told Australia’s ABC news:
It’s a pretty chastening experience to have a spill motion moved on you after just 16 months in government - a very chastening experience.
And I am determined that my government, if it continues after tomorrow, will learn from this experience, will be different and better.

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