Al Murray vs Nigel Farage: Pub Landlord's FUKP takes on Ukip in old South Thanet

Gabriella Griffith
Al Murray will run for South Thanet
The fight for the South Thanet seat in the next general election is turning out to be a battle of the beer swiggers, featuring two pub landlords and one ale loving MEP.

David Cameron’s distant cousin-cum-comedian Al Murray, aka the Pub Landlord, threw his lager into the ring yesterday. He joins Ukip’s Nigel Farage and, all going well, Reality Party’s Nigel Askew – an actual pub landlord from Ramsgate. (Reality Party’s leader Bez forgot to register the party with the electoral commission so there’s a good chance Askew can’t run).

Al and his Free United Kingdom Party or FUKP (say it quickly, you’ll see what he’s getting at) has a list of increasingly ridiculous pledges to lure the voters of Ramsgate.

The announcement followed a somewhat farcical tête-à-tête between Cameron and Miliband during PMQs. Cameron called Ed “a chicken,” for not wanting to face the Greens in TV debates, while Ed dug into the annals of time to retrieve a Thatcher-phrase that none of us had heard for thirty-odd years, saying Cameron was “frit,” for not wanting to take part in the proposed TV debate. A debate, about a debate, within a debate.

It’s all a bit meta for us.

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