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Want to help Australia after the bushfires?

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New extended working holiday visas for visitors to help with the recovery from the Australian bushfires

If you’ve been shocked by the extensive devastation in Australia following the bushfires, you may be thinking about how you can help. When it seems like the rain will never stop in the UK, some time out travelling Australia and contributing to the restoration of the environment and vital infrastructure may seem particularly appealing.

The good news is that if you’ve been hearing the call of the wild and want to take a year out to travel Australia, the government has just extended working holiday visas from six to 12 months with a single employer so that visitors can stay to help with the essential work of rebuilding after the bushfires.

The extra time for the working holiday visas will make it easier for visitors to stay for longer without additional paperwork to apply for a longer stay. The extension has been granted due to the need for people to help with everything from construction to farm work as the country recovers from the shocking effects of the bushfires and subsequent floods.

Anyone aged 18 to 30 can apply for a working holiday visa as long as they have a valid passport and are not travelling with any dependants. This means that visiting workers will be able to stay for longer to help out, and have a chance to see more of the country as part of their stay. Whether as a year out before starting university or as a break from the daily grind, Australia is hoping to attract more young people to help with the recovery effort.

The scale of the devastation following the bushfires, which were declared a national emergency in November 2019, has meant that many people have already been inspired to travel down under to help out and the Australian government is hoping that more people will heed the call to visit and stay on longer to work on the essential projects designed to repair the worst of the damage.

A working holiday visa can be an affordable way to see more of the world, and many people have Australia on their wish list of places to visit. While other visas are available for skilled workers or those looking to make a more permanent move, the working holiday visa helps those with a taste for adventure to work their way across Australia to pay for their travels and extended stay.

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