Wednesday 1 April 2015 9:12 pm

US bankers’ bonuses still leave UK and European staff trailing

BRITISH bankers receive smaller bonuses than their Eurozone and Swiss rivals, and are utterly outstripped by high-paying US banks, according to figures out today from Emolument. The average investment banker at UK institutions received £126,000 in 2015, up four per cent on the year. But the salary benchmarking site shows this is £10,000 below Euro­zone banks, and £36,000 below the payouts from Swiss lenders. But all of those are far behind US bankers – the average bonus from an American bank hit £216,000. “‘Are you up or down on last year?’ is the question deemed proper enough in bonus-related conversations, and that in itself becomes a substantial indicator of how much the bank wants to keep you on,” said’s Thomas Drewry.