Monday 9 June 2014 9:45 am

Three things to watch during E3 this week

The worlds biggest gaming conference is taking place this week in Los Angeles.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, is where Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo and the largest gaming developers in the industry go to show off the latest and greatest creations to nearly 50,000 attendees, and the world watching.

1. Microsoft’s Press Conference (Monday 5.30pm)

Microsoft will kick off the show tonight with its press event that is being streamed live. Expect a strong focus on its recently launched Xbox One console, especially as its sales are lagging behind those of Sony’s rival PlayStation 4 currently.

(Source: E3)

Microsoft will be hoping that its recent decision to remove its Kinect sensor from the Xbox One (reducing its price by $100) and announcing a strong line up of games today, coming over the next 12 months, will boost sales.

2. Sony’s Press Conference (Tuesday 2am)

Despite the rather unfortunate timing of this event for UK viewers, it will also be streamed live. Sony is coming from a strong place having overtaken Nintendo’s games console sales over the past year boosted by the successful launch of its PlayStation 4.

(Source: E3)

But Sony’s handheld PlayStation Vita has seen extremely weak sales figures with the Japanese firm cutting back manufacturing as a result.

3. Nintendo’s “digital event” (Tuesday 5pm)

Nintendo has been suffering as of late with weak Wii U sales putting developers off making games for Nintendo’s flagship games console. This will be the second year that Nintendo has decided to cut the expense of a physical press conference with an entirely live streamed event instead.