Tuesday 10 May 2016 10:10 am

This tiny London garage sold for more than the price of the average house

A tiny garage in west London is the latest sign of the ridiculous scramble for prime property locations in the capital, after being bought up for more than the price of the average home in the UK.

The 18ft by 35ft spot in Hammersmith and Fulham smashed the already rather steep £250,00 guide price, the Guardian reports.

It went for £466,000 after some apparently furious bidding.

The average property price in the UK is £283,700, although, in London property is still pricier than the garage, coming in at more than half a million pounds.

In the upmarket borough, it's even pricier with flats going for around £700,000, terraces £1.4m and semi-detached houses £1.6m, according to Rightmove.

The garage is also even more pricey than one that went in Chelsea in February. For £360,00, one buyer nabbed the 146 sq ft garage off Brompton Road – a bargain, perhaps, in comparison.