Thursday 31 December 2020 10:04 am

The year in charts: From the FTSE to Zoom's share price

2020 has been quite the ride. So, to cap it off, we worked with our friends at Flourish to look at *quite* how wild it was…

Global stock markets have had an odd year – from optimism to collapse to guarded positivity for the future. Here’s how the FTSE 100 fared.

Currency markets were all over the shop, too. But towards the end of the year Betty strengthened, meaning all those Londoners heading to New York for a bit of Christmas shopping saw their money go further (Ed’s note: are you sure?!)

And across Europe, GDP collapsed big-time in Q2 – with lockdowns dragging on far longer than expected. The UK’s delayed reopening compared to Europe hit hard.

And it showed. Employment rates fell significantly, even as the furlough scheme tried to keep people in jobs.

Some, however, had a better year. Elon Musk went from twitter sensation to a bona-fide entrepreneur, and Wall St responded.

Oh, and something called Zoom did pretty well, too. Hope you bought in January…