Wednesday 21 July 2021 12:10 pm

The UK among world's top 10 beaches

The UK has been revealed to have one the highest numbers of quality beaches in the world.

Hotel booking platform hoo, conducting the research, revealed that the UK boasted 127 beaches. However, it also revealed that Spain sat at the top of the table with 614, followed by Greece with 545.

Many UK residents plan to holiday domestically this summer. Due to current restrictions hindering foreign travel, there could be a heightened number of beach visitors this summer.

hoo also analysed the number of Blue Flag beaches in regards to population size. Based on the number of beaches per 100,00 of the population, the UK ranks 23rd.

With a population of over 67.2m, the Blue Flag beach to beachgoer ratio in the UK sits at just 0.19

Internationally, Montenegro sits at the top with a ratio of 5.95 beaches per 100,000 people. Cyprus trailed with 5.63 beaches and Greece followed with 5.09.

Adrian Murdock, hoo Co-founder said: ”For those looking for a trip to the beach, planning ahead is the best way to ensure a day without any disappointment – and get there early.”

He added, ”It’s also important to remember that while restrictions have been lifted, COVID-19 remains a threat so take the necessary precautions in busy locations such as the beach.”