The Future for Fintech

The Fintech campaign discusses the main trends so far in 2020 and gives an overview of what to expect going forward, especially in the context of COVID-19. We consider the pain points that the lockdown has revealed in business, and how Fintech can help to resolve these, as well as the part it can play in restoring the UK economy. AI and automation play a massive role in efficiency, but raise concerns in fields like compliance; furthermore, we look at the implications of automation typically taking place on a centralised platform. A focus will also be on gender equity as we examine the disparity in investment female founders receive and some of the reasons behind this. All, whilst reaffirming the UK’s position at the centre of Global Fintech. 

The campaign will feature expert thought-leadership from key opinion leaders such as Innovate Finance, Fintech Circle, The International Compliance Association and London Tech Week. 

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