Friday 7 August 2015 4:47 pm

From TfL Tube strike and Tom Hayes' Libor conviction to Quindell and Fantasy Football: Here's what got us talking this week


Here's what got us talking this week

1) London was (over) grounded
The second strike in two months brought London's Tube network to a halt, and while that meant we all had to find alternative ways to get into work, there were a few of us who really took it to an art form.  
Those of us who stuck to more traditional methods put pressure on the transport system – here's how London travel looks without the Underground in astonishing numbers
2) We learned how it feels to fly across Wembley
Thanks to our fearless reporter Joe Hall, we got this bird's eye view of life above one of the UK's most iconic stadiums
But we also learned that there was a troubling lack of transparency concerning another stadium – the former heart of the Olympics, now West Ham's home ground.  
3) Quindell returned to the markets
But as soon as it was back, the troubled insurance claims processor's share price plummeted. No doubt the news that the Serious Fraud Office had launched a criminal investigation against it had something to do with investors' jitters.    
4) The Secret Seven 
Jobs confidence is back in spades but it turns out there are seven roles that companies are desperately in need of
5) Is anyone else out there?
The City has got distinctly quiet over the last couple of weeks. But how quiet is quiet? Check out this story to find out (then book your holiday sharpish).

Chart of the Week

The invasion of the posh burger…

Leisurely Reads

It's Fantasy Football season. If you're struggling to get the right line up for your team, why not take a look at this article detailing the best bargain buys you can find. Just don't tell everyone…
Egypt has just spent a huge $8bn (£5bn) on widening the Suez Canal – the fastest trade route between Asia and Europe. But it might have been a huge waste of time. Here's why.

Great Reads from Elsewhere

You might like to think you have chutzpah, but would you know how to pass off a counterfeit Rembrandt? This article is the story behind the near-perfect art con.  
With the London mayoral race hotting up, there's been plenty of talk about candidates being tough on crime. Which is why this article, about the 1.2m open arrest warrants in New York City, is worth a read.  

The Last Word 

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The City reeled after Tom Hayes received 14 years for his role in manipulating Libor.