Tuesday 30 April 2019 11:41 am

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos tops list of Silicon Valley's best performing tech CEOs

Amazon’s share price has risen by 83 per cent year-on-year, making boss Jeff Bezos the US’s best performing tech chief executive.

The online shopping platform’s share price has jumped $69.53 on average per year during Bezos’ 22-year reign as Amazon’s chief executive.

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In 1997, which is the year the company listed on the stock exchange, Amazon’s share price soared 992 per cent, making Bezos the boss that has also overseen the biggest yearly share price increase.

Netflix chief executive Reed Hastings, who has been in charge of the video streaming site for 20 years, was the next most successful boss, according to research into tech giants' share prices conducted by IG Index.

Top 10 CEOs with the largest share price rise during their tenure

RankCEOCompanyTenure (years)Average annual share price riseAverage annual percentage rise
1Jeff BezosAmazon21.9$69.5383 per cent
2Reed HastingsNetflix20.3$16.1577 per cent
3Steve JobsApple13.9$3.8564 per cent
4Bill GatesMicrosoft24.8$1.5654 per cent
5Jensen HuangNvidia26$6.4454 per cent
6John WarnockAdobe16$2.0651 per cent
7Andrew GroveIntel11.3$2.4648 per cent
8Larry EllisonOracle28.5$1.6143 per cent
9Hock TanBroadcom12$25.6237 per cent
10Mark ZuckerbergFacebook6.9$16.9335 per cent


Hastings has overseen an average yearly share price increase of 77 per cent, with an average added value of $16.15.

Netflix also ranked second in terms of the biggest yearly share price change, with an increase of 385 per cent in the year after its IPO.

Top 10 largest yearly share price increases by a chief executive

RankCEOCompanyYear of IPOBest YearYearly % Change
1Jeff BezosAmazon19971998992%
2Reed HastingsNetflix20022003385%
3Larry EllisonOracle19861999329%
4Jensen HuangNvidia19992001307%
5Steve JobsApple19801998209%
6John WarnockAdobe19861999188%
7Tom EngibousTexas Instruments19781999131%
8Andrew GroveIntel19701996130%
9Bill GatesMicrosoft19861987127%
10Gordon E. MooreIntel19701983115%

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, boosted the share price by 64 per cent a year during his 14 years as chief executive, and Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates has overseen a 54 per cent increase in the computer company over a 25 year period.

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was 10th on the list, having increased the social media giant’s share price by 35 per cent during his seven years leading the company.