Monday 12 July 2021 11:43 am

Take off: Ryanair to recruit 2,000 pilots as it prepares for travel market recovery

Budget carrier Ryanair will hire 2,000 new pilots after the Covid-19 pandemic decimated the travel industry and caused many to lose their jobs.

The recruits are to crew planes over the next three years to aid the airline in recovering and rebuilding itself after the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Pilots will be based across Ryanair’s existing network. The company is also setting up new bases in places like Corfu, Rhodes, Zagreb, Riga, Treviso, Turin and more.

Ryanair’s people director, Darrell Hughes said, “This is great news for experienced and aspiring pilots but also for our own pilots who will enjoy fast tracked promotions. 

Throughout the pandemic, Ryanair has worked closely with our people to save jobs and we are delighted to start planning for a return to growth over the coming years as we recover from the Covid-19 crisis and grow to 200m guests by FY2024’’.

The aviation industry came to a standstill due to restrictions and saw more than 18,000 pilots lose their job permanently or have it threatened. Over 800 of those who lose their jobs were pilots from Ryanair, according to the European Cockpit Association.

The news comes as Ryanair will now fly the Boeing 737-8200 Gamechanger aircraft, a more sustainable aircraft to previous ones.

Ryanair plans to use the aircraft to lower costs, cut fuel consumption and lower noise and CO2 emissions. The investment was undertaken as part of the Irish company’s commitment to the environment, ensuring that they stay one of Europe’s greenest and cleanest airlines.

The airline will take on 210 of these aircrafts, helping create opportunities for pilots after the aviation industry recovers from Covid-19.