All Street is an award winning innovative financial technology company, re-inventing investment research through the application of artificial intelligence

What we believe in: We are living in a world where a new mindset is taking shape, the era of AI-human hybrid intelligence. In this new digital world all investment professionals need to supercharge their abilities by using Cognitive Robots. This combination of a human brain and a computer intelligence is the future. Augmented intelligence extends our intellect in the same way that machines and tools helped human workers to build goods and infrastructure. Sevva has been created to support this vision.

Meet Sevva a state-of-the-art SaaS ESG Research and Ratings Platform powered by AI.

Whether you are researching your own company, competitors, investments or funds; the Sevva Platform provides the comprehensive data and AI tools you need to carry out ESG Rating and Analysis.

The Sevva ESG Banking Power List

Impact A.M. set Sevva a channenge to provide us with a global banking snap shot by utilising its data platform to see exactly what is driving global banks individual ESG rating individual ESG ratings, giving us a full dashboard of metrics and a clearer picture of the top rated banks.