Monday 11 October 2021 7:29 am

Sajid Javid: Long Covid is affecting huge numbers of people

Health secretary Sajid Javid is reportedly concerned about the increasing numbers of people suffering from long Covid symptoms.

As reported by the Independent, the secretary told a private meeting of health officials that the problem was “huge” and “getting bigger”.

During the private meeting, which was set up to give an update regarding long Covid treatment, NHS officials outlined how 10 per cent of all doctor’s appointments were booked by NHS staff still suffering from long Covid.

NHS workers, alongside people working in social care and teachers, are the most likely to suffer from long Covid symptoms. As reported by the Independent, around 125,000 NHS staff could still be affected.

In the meeting, authorities also reported that appointments at long Covid clinics were made mainly by white people, even though the illness is mainly present among deprived communities.

Javid expressed his concern, saying that experts are still trying to learn more about the conditions and the challenges it poses to the country’s public health. He reportedly said: “That’s huge. The numbers are only getting bigger.”

The secretary said that finding a solution for long Covid is at the top of the government’s list, adding that the new appointed health minister, former nurse Maria Caulfield, would be in charge of the response.