Tuesday 11 November 2014 5:01 am

Remembrance Day 2014: This map is a sobering reminder of the toll WW1 took on one London borough

More than a century after the beginning of the First World War, the UK will remember those who gave their lives with two minutes' silence at 11am.

To pay tribute to the fallen, one London borough has mapped the names, addresses, stories – and even the final resting places – of soldiers with connections to the area.

The Islington Heritage Service has created a map, "The Streets They Left Behind", placing a poppy over the addresses of those who lost their lives in the war. As part of the project, the service will also install plaques on Islington streets to remember those who died from each respective street.

The map is a sobering reminder of the destruction the Great War reaped on across one local area. In the space of four years, over 9,000 people with Islington connections lost their lives, the service says.

Red poppies denote people with Islington connections who lost their lives, green poppies indicate those commemorated in Islington cemetery. On a mobile, pinch to zoom and tap on the poppies to find out more about those who lost their lives. Swipe to the right of the map to scroll past it.

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