Tuesday 15 June 2021 11:27 am

PwC to hire 100,000 new staff in next five years

PwC plans to go on a hiring spree in the next five years that will see it employ 100,000 more staff as part of a $12bn investment.

The new hires will increase the firm’s total headcount by nearly a third to around 384,000.

The new staff form part of PwC’s strategy ‘The New Equation’, announced today.

According to PwC, The New Equation “focuses on two interconnected needs that clients face in a world of technological disruption, fractured geopolitics, climate change and the enduring impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

In the UK, the firm plans to invest $1.2bn over the next three to four years in areas including ESG and technology, and on creating jobs.

“The profound changes in the world mean that our clients can only succeed by creating a virtuous circle between earning trust and delivering sustained outcomes, said Bob Moritz, chair of the PwC International Network.

“By bringing our unique combination of capabilities together we can help them do that, unlocking value for their shareholders, stakeholders and wider society.”

He said that over the coming months PwC will set out how it plans to do that in every territory and market it operates in.