Behind every great business person is an exceptional PA, EA or VA. City A.M. is once again celebrating those Personal, Executive and Virtual Assistants in a unique ceremony at Bob Bob Ricard in the heart of the Square Mile on Tuesday 7th December

This year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever, with more categories, more nominees and a special lunch to celebrate.  In each category 3 nominees will be selected by our judges to become finalists – nominations close on November the 17th – we will invite all finalists to join us for a special 3-course lunch with champagne at Bob Bob Ricard City, alongside their CEO, MD or whomever, their relationship is with, that makes them a great PA, EA or VA.  

Founded in 2019, the City AM PA Awards identifies and rewards those who go above and beyond in their field, helping their companies to achieve the impossible.  After this most challenging of years we are looking for the most resilient, organised and determined men and women who have proven themselves to be an indispensable force keeping the engines of their organisations running.

Categories 2021

Lifetime Achievement Award
Supported by Harrods Corporate Service

We want to celebrate individuals who have sustained a life-long career in an administrative support role, dedicated their professional careers to supporting executives and organisations, ensuring they thrive. We are looking to hear from those outstanding individuals who have devoted twenty years or more to the profession which is an incredible achievement in itself. What have been the defining moments, key turning points, where have you grown, developed, how have you managed the changes in markets, executives and technology? We want to hear it all and to see how you are using your experience to make a difference in your role today, both in terms of your own progress and development and in the mentoring of others.

Rising Star of the Year
Supported by Yolk

Are you new to the world of work, or simply new to the role of PA/EA? Well, if you are, and you are already making your mark, or you know someone who is, then we want to hear from you. We want to hear about the outstanding newcomers in the profession, those who have been working in the role for less than 5 years but are having a say, standing up with confidence and excelling in all areas of the role for their executives and organisation. Tell us about your initiatives, new and efficient ways of working, projects you may have taken on and delivered with outstanding results, are you networking like a pro, inspiring and influencing others in a positive way? Tell us your achievements, your successes and your experiences and inspire a new generation!

Professional Services PA of the Year
Supported by The Color Company

an outstanding relationship with your Executive, then we want to hear from you! We are looking for those who don’t just turn up do their job and go home, but PAs and EAs who look for ways to improve processes, make the lives of their Executives and teams simpler, who are strategic in their focus and go above and beyond every day. If you have helped with the strategic direction of your business, helped them to navigate through Covid-19 and if you play the role between your Executive and the rest of the business, then tell us. We want to hear your story and celebrate the fact that you are a shining star for your Executive and your organisation as a whole.

Navigating Change Award 2021
Supported by Keith Prowse

Navigating change is possibly one of the biggest challenges or obstacles any of us will face, after all, we are all human, and so we inherently dislike change of any kind – it’s natural. Letting go of that and accepting that change is a positive thing is what we want to hear about. Tell us your progressive stories, have you made changes happen, or helped change on its way in terms of company culture, values and sustainability?  We want to know how you have had a positive impact navigating an organisation through any change which led to a positive outcome – let’s spread the joy and show that the impossible really can be possible.

This is a special category for 2021.

Resilience & Positivity Award 2021
Supported by Exerceo Training

This award celebrates the PAs and EAs who make a difference just by being them. By overcoming obstacles and challenges and remaining positive, this energy runs through organisations and has a huge impact on the culture of the organisation itself. The last 18+ months have been tough, and we’ve needed to be more resilient than ever before both at work and at home. If you know a PA/EA or are a PA/EA who helped an organisation transition into a new way of working, making the move to remote/flexible working, showing that organisations can get through tough periods – then tell us your story!

This is a special category for 2021.

Nominations closed Wednesday 17th November

City AM PA Awards finalists will be invited to a three course champagne lunch at Bob Bob Ricard City, with a guest of their choice, where the winners will be announced. See the City AM PA Awards menu from Bob Bob Ricard City below!



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In addition to our recruitment services, we provide personal development training on-site and on webinar as well as provide bespoke diversity and inclusion projects with businesses. In 2020, we launched C&C Academy to help administrative professionals advance their skillset and their careers, and to help businesses upskill and empower their staff with hands-on and engaging content that gives results. To date, we’ve worked with internationally renowned businesses including BlackRock, Amazon, Lloyds Banking Group and Sony, just to name a few.

Integrity, drive, innovation and compassion are the values that each and every one of us at C&C Search and C&C Academy, live and strive for everyday to support and enable the very best from our candidates and clients. It’s these values that have earned us multiple awards for all areas of our business.


Lucy Chamberlain, Founder, C&C Search

Tracey Finn, Head of Harrods Corporate Service

Rosemary McLennan,Managing Director, Scottish PA Network & London Scottish PA Network

Lawson Muncaster, Managing Director, City AM

Alice Scutchey, Senior Executive Assistant, and Founder of The Canary Wharf PA Club

Leonid Shutov, Owner & CEO, Bob Bob Ricard

The following content has been supplied by City AM PA Awards Partner, C&C Search.

The City AM PA Awards 2019

Lawson Muncaster
Carol and Jo Whittington

Ella Matthews
Highly Commended: Jonathan McArthur, Executive Assistant to Managing Directors and Financial Sponsors team, Lazard & Co. Limited
Winner: Emilia Gosling, PA to Managing Director, London & Capital
Lucy Ewens

Winner: Lucy Ewens, Executive Assistant to President of International Production, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Highly Commended: Claire Griffiths, PA to CEO Steve King, Publicis Media

City A.M. Creative Industries PA of the Year 2019

Winner: Lucy Ewens, Executive Assistant to President of International Production, Sony Pictures Entertainment. 

Lucy runs the smooth operation of a business unit that is growing every single day, on top of supporting the President of International Productions in their role, acting as a “right hand and gatekeeper”. Colleagues say she is “always there to help in any way she can and always such a pleasure to work with.”

Highly Commended: Claire Griffiths, PA to CEO Steve King, Publicis Media

“If there is a more deserving nominee we will employ them” is Steve King’s verdict on a PA who has seen incredible change in the advertising and media industry over her long and varied career. Technological advances and the rise of digital have changed everything her firm does but her job as she sees it hasn’t: “it’s always been about being a partner.” She has been in that ‘partnership’ with King for some 17 years. 

City A.M. Professional Services PA of the Year 2019

Winner: Emilia Gosling, PA to Managing Director, London & Capital 

Emilia has spent some 20 years at London & Capital, supporting wealth manager Daniel Freedman for five of those years and is described as a “tour de force” by colleagues. After an accident on holiday and a lengthy hospital stay, Daniel sadly passed away earlier this year. Throughout this incredible difficult period Emilia worked relentlessly with clients, staff and most importantly Daniel’s family, putting aside her own grief and sadness to keep communication going and offer emotional support to colleagues. 

Highly Commended: Jonathan McArthur, Executive Assistant to Managing Directors and Financial Sponsors team, Lazard & Co. Limited 

Jonathan is described by a colleague as an “exemplary” EA at financial advisory behemoth Lazard, supporting a number of Managing Directors in different parts of the firm. Formerly at PIMCO Europe and Insight Investment, Jonathan was a driving force behind LazardProudEurope, the European arm of the firm’s global LGBTQ network