Monday 20 September 2021 10:28 am

Morrisons moves into pub sector supply with marketplace partnership

Supermarket Morrisons has made a move into the hospitality arena after teaming up with StarStock, an online marketplace for the on-trade.

StarStock, which allows brands to sell direct to operators through its e-commerce platform, has partnered with the supermarket to allow it to supply pubs and restaurants.

Restaurant operators will be able to have “direct, 24/7 access” to more than 1,500 products including from Morrisons Market Street counters, the retailer’s own brand range, plus branded items.

“As well as classic pub snacks like crisps and nuts, customers will also be able to order a wide selection of products from Morrisons Market Street. These include fruit and vegetables as well as delicatessen lines such as cheese, cooked meats and pies,” James Badger, online and wholesale director at Morrisons, said.

Sam Ulph, founder and CEO of the StarStock Group, said hospitality businesses had been restricted by their supply chain processes previously. “It’s time to shake this up,” he said.

Ulph added: “We’re thrilled to be working with Morrisons to give on-trade businesses access to high-quality, competitively priced food, as they continue to bounce back from what has been a devastating 18 months for the sector.  

“The StarStock platform brings some long overdue modernisation to the hospitality supply chain as, through ground-breaking partnerships like the one we now have in place with Morrisons, it enables operators to order fresh food directly, at a time that suits them, – creating a next-gen marketplace for the on-trade sector.”