Monday 15 April 2019 6:16 pm

Lyft shares tumble after tough week of trading

Ride-sharing company Lyft saw its share price fall to a fresh low today as Wall Street caution continued to loom large weeks on from the firm's initial float.

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The group’s share price has plunged more than five per cent this afternoon, adding to a 20 per cent drop in its value last week.

Shares in the group hit a new low on Wall Street as the value fell to just over $56, marking more than a 30 per cent drop from its opening price of $87.24 when the firm listed late last month.

The torrid spell of trading for Lyft comes as investors gear up for the eagerly-anticipated float of rival Uber, which officially filed to go public last week in a move that could see the firm seek a valuation of between $90bn (£68bn) to $100bn.

Late last week analysts at Wedbush Securities, who gave Lyft a neutral rating with a 12-month price target of $80, wrote: "We believe there could be continued pressure on Lyft shares while investors wait for Uber’s roadshow and dig further into the full financial metrics."

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The news came on the same day as Lyft removed thousands of its electric bikes from three US cities after riders complained of faulty brakes.