Monday 30 August 2021 2:12 pm

London ranked as one the most stressful cities in the world to drive

London has been named as the eighth-most aggravating place to drive, scoring above cities like Bejing or Bangkok. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, when in 2020, 18.5bn vehicle miles of traffic were travelled across the 9.2 thousand miles of roads in London.

Nine out of ten drivers admit to feeling stressed or angry behind the wheel, according to the road safety charity Brake.

Furthermore, stress and anger behind the wheel have increased since the first national lockdown, in March 2020. 

Brake’s research also shows drivers themselves admit that these negative moods are having a detrimental effect on their driving behaviour.

Hiyacar ranked the 36 most populated cities in the world based on several factors to establish which were the most challenging for drivers.

The considerations were; the number of cars per capita, total number of vehicles in the city, severity of traffic congestion, quality of the roads, public transportation options, number of traffic accidents per year and the city density. 

These factors then received an overall score out of 10 to determine which cities topped the stress charts.

Of the most populated cities in the world, the top 10 most stressful to drive in are:

Mumbai, India: 7.4

Paris, France: 6.4

Jakarta, Indonesia: 6.0

Delhi, India: 5.9

New York, United States: 5.6

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 5.3

Nagoya, Japan: 5.1

London, United Kingdom: 5.0

Mexico City, Mexico: 4.9

Osaka, Japan: 4.9

The list found the least stressful cities to drive in include Lima in Peru, Dongguan in China and Bogotá in Colombia.