Tuesday 29 March 2016 7:26 pm

Japanese drinkers snap up Digby Fine Wines' first shipment of fizz to the region in less than a month

It seems that it's not just British whisky that's whetting Japanese consumers' appetites.

Trevor Clough, chief executive of UK fizz maker Digby Fine Wines, is loudly trumpeting the news that his firm's first shipment of English sparkling wine to Japan has sold out before the end of the month.

Digby, which counts luxury investment company The House of Britannia as an investor, has started to export successfully to Japan with demand so high that its distributor partner, Mottox Inc, ran out of supplies after only three weeks.

Clough, who's vino venture is currently engaged in a fundraising round to boost production, claims that the subtle flavours found in sushi and other native dishes are what is driving the uptake of English fizz.

He tells us: “Japan is one of the top countries where we hoped to launch our export sales when we created our brand. Our subtle, elegant, yet piquant house style suits Japanese cuisine wonderfully."