City AM ISA Special 2021

How to use ISAs to power up your wealth

We’re living through unprecedented times, and there’s never been more pressure for people to optimise their finances. Our new ISA Special aims to deliver the highest quality information to help our readers make their money work harder in ISAs.

We’ll explore what’s driving investment decisions right now and what challenges ISA investors might face this year. Our readers don’t want to pay more tax than they have to, so we’ll look at how ISAs can be used for tax planning. ESG investing has exploded in popularity, so we’ll explain how to use ISAs to invest mindfully and drive positive change in the world. And the Innovative Finance ISA is still one of the least understood ISAs in the stable – is peer-to-peer lending still worth considering for sophisticated investors? These are some of the questions we’ll be trying to answer as our ISA Special launches, with Budget coverage, end-of-tax-year guides, and tips to help you become an ISA millionaire all to come as we move into spring.