Friday 13 March 2020 1:14 pm

Housing secretary Robert Jenrick slams Sadiq Khan's London homes plan

The housing secretary has slammed Sadiq Khan’s proposals for new London’s homes, saying a focus on small flats will push families out of the capital. 

Robert Jenrick MP has blocked the publication of the London mayor’s housing plan until “significant improvements” have been made. 

In a damning letter to Khan, Jenrick said housing delivery in London had been “deeply disappointing” and said his plan would deliver 52,000 homes a year rather than the 66,000 needed. 

In response a spokesperson for Khan said the housing secretary is “trying to run roughshod” over his efforts to finalise a London Plan. 

Jenrick also accused the mayor of prioritising one and two bed flats over family homes in a move that could exclude families from living in the capital. 

“You should also be looking to deliver homes which people of different ages, backgrounds and situations in life can live in,” he said.

“Your plan tilts away from this, towards one-bed flats at the expense of all else, driving people out of our capital when they want to have a family”.

Jenrick added that the proposed plan added too much complexity and did not meet national policy.

A spokesperson for the mayor of London said: “The mayor makes no apologies for trying to deliver genuinely affordable housing in the capital while at the same time protecting and enhancing the Green Belt. 

“The Secretary of State is trying to run roughshod over the Mayor’s efforts to finalise a London Plan, which will deliver for Londoners and deliver on pledges from the mayor’s manifesto.

“The Secretary of State needs to realise that London is best served by the government devolving further funding and powers to the capital to build the affordable homes it urgently needs, instead of taking this heavy-handed approach.”