Monday 13 July 2015 2:40 pm

Greek debt crisis: From its €50bn fund of government assets to its bridge financing arrangements, today's Greek deal in numbers

After six months (which culminated in a tense-sounding 17-hours), Greece has finally reached a deal with its lenders which should, eventually, help to unlock bailout funds for the country.

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But how much is this going to cost Greece – and its lenders? Here are the vital statistics. 

Terms of a deal unveiled on Friday showed Greece has given in on some of its sticking points, including pension reforms, ambitious market reforms and reviews of industrial action.

The question now is whether Alexis Tsipras, the country's embattled Prime Minister, can push the new terms through in the Greek parliament. The terms are seen by many as a capitulation from Tsipras and his government. In the words of Tsipras himself, it's going to be "tough".