Monday 25 October 2010 8:38 pm

Google and Carphone in mobile deal

THE SECOND Google-branded mobile phone will hit the UK in time for Christmas through an exclusive deal with Carphone Warehouse, City A.M. has learned. Its predecessor, the Nexus One, is the flagship device for the search giant, which is desperately trying to wrest market share from Apple’s iPhone. The deal with Carphone represents a major rethink of Google’s sales strategy, with the Nexus One released exclusively in the UK through Vodafone. An industry source said: “It looks like Google is experimenting with the future of its mobile model in the UK. It tried releasing through a single carrier, now it is trying a single retailer. “It could be a solution to the problems it experienced when it tried to sell the Nexus One exclusively through its website. People like to be able to go to a store – this solves that.” The Nexus One, built by HTC, failed to make a splash when it was released earlier this year, although Google’s Android software is now growing faster than phones powered by Apple or RIM. The phone – dubbed the Nexus Two – is expected to run the new version of Android, codenamed Gingerbread. It is not yet clear who will manufacture it, although rumours surrounding a Samsung model are believed to be untrue. Both Google and Carphone declined to comment.