Thursday 16 September 2021 10:02 am

Full-time return to office not on the cards, say 70 per cent of Brits

Just over 70 per cent of all Brits do not feel a return to full-time office working is on the cards after the pandemic, according to new YouGov research shared with City A.M.

The majority of those questioned by YouGov said they would favour to either work from home full-time, or have a hybrid arrangement.

But the poll, commissioned by the BBC, also found concern from senior leaders that creativity and collaboration could suffer if employees were staying at home.

‘Gradual return’

Speaking in June, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he expected to see a “gradual return to work over the summer”, but the Government has not ruled out a return to mandatory home working.

In the Covid-19 Autumn and Winter Plan, the Government said it would “consider asking people once again to work from home if they can, for a limited period” in a Plan B scenario if data shows the NHS is “likely to come under unsustainable pressure”.

The YouGov/BBC poll of 1,684 people and 530 senior leaders in business also saw a majority thinking their productivity would not suffer if staff continued to work from home, with 75% of people thinking their manager will allow them to continue not coming into the office.