Thursday 5 December 2019 6:07 pm

Former Ofcom boss to advise on Heathrow terminal monopoly probe

A firm set up by the former boss of Ofcom has been appointed to advise the aviation regulator on whether Heathrow’s terminals could be operated by third-parties. 

The Civil Aviation Authority has selected Flint Global, which was set up by former Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards, to look into the possibility of allowing other companies to bid for terminal design, construction and operations, Sky News reported. 

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Flint Global, which advises ride-hailing app Uber on its London licensing issues, will examine whether terminals could be owned by different operators, introducing competition and breaking the monopoly of the airport’s owner.  

A CAA spokesperson told the broadcaster: “The CAA commissions technical advice on a range of issues as part of our role in considering the regulatory framework for Heathrow airport.

“This includes a short initial study looking at different forms of third party involvement in designing, building and potentially operating a terminal at Heathrow airport, and what the implications for our regulatory framework might be.”

Flint Global will provide a report on the possibility of third-party involvement to the CAA next spring. 

The news comes as discussions over Heathrow’s third runway rumble on.

Last week the CAA warned that the airport will be penalised if it fails to deliver its expansion efficiently. 

It placed a new clause into the airport’s licence due to concerns the project could go over-budget.