Wednesday 23 December 2015 8:14 am

Five charts that show how millennials' Christmas celebrations differ from traditional ones

Gearing up for a Christmas dinner with pudding, turkey and all the trimmings? Let us take a stab and guess that you’re 35 years or older.

As it turns out, where you’ll be spending your Christmas day reveals more than you might think about your age. Not to mention what you’re putting on the table for dinner.

Millennials (that’s the world’s favourite love-to-hate age group of 18-34-year olds), as you might expect, are more open to the idea of snubbing traditional Christmas celebrations than those older than them, according to a survey done by customer science firm dunnhumby.

Here’s how millennials’ Christmas differ from their older peers in five charts:

1. “Friendsmas” is the way to go

Thought Christmas was a family holiday? More young adults are having their Christmas dinner with friends.

2. Snubbing turkey and Christmas pudding

Millennials are likely to be replacing turkey with chicken, and opting for chocolate, fruit salads and cheesecake rather than a Christmas pudding.

3. …and finding their new Christmas recipes on Instagram

Newfangled recipes must be found somewhere, and millennials are turning to Pinterest and Instagram rather than grandma for inspiration, being more than three times as likely as their older peers to find their Christmas recipes on social media.

4. Hitting the shops

Nearly four times as many millennials as older age groups say that Christmas day is a shopping day for them.

(Although, hearteningly, four in five surveyed across all ages agree that Christmas is mostly for “eating, drinking and being merry”.)

5. …which they are also doing online

Where else would you buy groceries?