Fineco on Trading

FinecoBank is one of the most important FinTech banks in Europe. The company offers single account banking, credit, trading and investment services through its transactional and advisory platform developed with proprietary technologies, combined with one of the largest financial advisory networks in Italy. Fineco is a bank leader in brokerage in Europe, and one of the leading private banking providers in Italy.


Fineco has been a market leader in trading since 2004 and allows over 250,000 customers the opportunity to trade in shares, ETFs, CFDs, FX and futures in four currencies with zero admin or conversion fees from just one trading account.
The award-winning platform provides:

  • Trading with no minimum deposit, no custody fees, no administration fees and no currency conversion fees. 
  • Free news, data and tools as well as push quotes within UK, EU and US markets, as well as over 90 technical indicators, free of charge.
  • Customers can also benefit from the Fineco app to trade on their mobile simply.
  • Commission-free trading on futures, including new Micro E-mini Futures which can yield 100 times the leverage to give maximum gain from even minimum investment.
  • Commission-free trading on CFDs in any direction, in any condition, 24 hours a day Monday to Friday.