Friday 20 May 2016 11:49 am

EU referendum: Ryanair extends "Fly Home to Vote Remain" sale in response to being accused of breaking election law and anti-bribery rules by Vote Leave

Ryanair has doubled down on its offer of cheap flights back to the UK in order to encourage people to vote Remain after Vote Leave complained to the police about the campaign.

Vote Leave, the designated Out campaign group, said that Ryanair's offer of cheap flights to expats who want to vote to remain in the EU is a breach of bribery laws and election laws.

Ryanair offered voters a "Brexit special", where overseas travellers could book tickets to any London airport for a fare as low as €19.99 on the 22 and 23 June.

After the complaint by Vote Leave, Rryanair extended the sale for another 24 hours, meaning that until midnight tonight, the offer is open.

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Ryanair’s chief executive Michael O’Leary said: “The ‘Leave’ campaign must be getting really desperate if they’re objecting to low fare air travel for British citizens, so we’re pleased to extend our ‘Fly Home to Vote Remain’ sale by another 24 hours.

"As the UK’s largest airline, Ryanair is absolutely clear that the UK economy and its growth prospects are stronger as a member of the European Union and the single market than they are outside the EU. With less than five weeks to go, we will continue to work hard to help deliver a resounding ‘Remain’ majority on 23rd June – and ensure that the ‘Leave’ loonies don’t ban low fare air travel too!”

The response came after Vote Leave reported the airline to Scotland Yard.

The complaint by Vote Leave said: "By its discount on flights on the day before, and the day of the referendum, Ryanair is paying the expense, in part, of provision to voters in order to influence them to vote in the referendum.

"This appears to be corrupt, since the company is offering discounts on the commercial rate to customers with the sole aim of ensuring that they vote and vote to remain in the European Union."

Ryanair has publicly backed Remain previously, warning that an exit would be worse than the status quo and would leave the UK with similar cost levels and red tape.

A spokesperson from Scotland Yard could not go into specifics, but said that it had received correspondence and would be considering its contents. It added that it will respond in due course.

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Nearly 1.2m UK citizens live in the EU's other 27 countries, while over 5m Britons live abroad in total, indicating that if they could have a huge influence on the result. They're also, as you might expect, largely pro-EU and would back Remain.

Earlier this month Vote Leave issued a veiled threat to ITV over its Brexit debates after Ukip leader Nigel Farage was confirmed as the individual that will debate Prime Minister David Cameron.

The group said: "ITV is led by people like Robert Peston who campaigned for Britain to join the euro. ITV has lied to us in private while secretly stitching up a deal with Cameron to stop Boris Johnson or Michael Gove debating the issues properly."

"ITV has effectively joined the official IN campaign and there will be consequences for its future – the people in No 10 won't be there for long."