Monday 27 June 2016 5:15 pm

EU Referendum: Dating app Remainder lets pro-EU voters find love after Britons vote for a Brexit

The result of Thursday's EU referendum divided the British public, and the 48 per cent of voters who backed Remain need love now more than ever.

It seems that Brexit has torn love lives apart, and those who backed Remain won't open their hearts to Leave voters. A market analyst for City firm Ampere tells The Capitalist that one of his friends is taking drastic action on dating app Tinder, changing his bio to read "Just got out of a long-term relationship with a 28-member economic union."

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Fearing that Inners will die alone, two pro-EU voters have come up with a new dating app that lets Remainers connect with those who share their values.

According to the app's website, Remainder was created by "two ordinary voters who wanted to cheer everyone up after a dismal day."

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There are options to join up if you're looking for "love", "a bit of "fun", "conversation on single markets or fall of the above.

The website adds: "What better way to recover than hooking up with someone who shares your sense of existential dread?"