ESG360° is the corporate portal for creating, executing and tracking company-wide ESG strategies. We support large companies in collecting and analysing primary value chain data to facilitate informed decision making for effective risk mitigation and to capitalise on opportunities. 


Innovation Zero Conference

London, May 24th – 25th 2023

The ESG360° team are attending Innovation Zero – the ‘International Cleantech Congress’ in London.

We are Exhibiting during the event and have a presentation slot, in partnership with Howden Joinery Group plc, with a focus on the ESG challenges and solutions brought about by supplier collaboration.

For more details, follow Innovation Zero’s page and we look forward to continuing the conversation to accelerate decarbonisation.

ESG360° at the FinTech Global Summit

London, June 15th 2023

The ESG360° team are attending FinTech Global in London this week.

The team are very excited to present our solution and outline how ESG360° can empower businesses to make strategic ESG decisions, enhancing enterprise value.

Elevate your strategic planning with ESG360°

ESG360° provides a holistic view of the ever-changing ESG landscape and gives its users real-time, decision-useful insights into the impacts of ESG issues on their business and value chain.

  1. Measure: Send bespoke questionnaires to the relevant stakeholders to collect emissions data and other ESG metrics to ensure reliable and inclusive data from across your supply chain.
  2. Collaborate: Engage your employees, leadership team, suppliers, and customers to improve accountability and promote a culture of cross-functional collaboration and engagement on ESG issues.
  3. Analyse: Use expert insights to evaluate the commercial risks and opportunities of each decision to build long-term business resilience.

An innovative strategic ESG platform that goes well-beyond carbon accounting ESG360° is a powerful, bespoke digital platform, founded on expert knowledge of the ESG landscape. The platform addresses the evolving needs of ESG teams and helps deliver an ESG agenda aligned to the latest ESG developments e.g. ISSB, CSRD.

Materiality : Capture and assimilate ESG issues to understand the factors most prevalent to your business and industry, anchoring them into your corporate strategy.

Scenario analysis: See further down the road to assess and mitigate physical and transition risks, and make informed, proactive short term business decisions.

Net-zero roadmap: Turn data and insights into tangible competitive advantage and understand the impacts of decarbonisation for your business to support long-term resilience.

Stakeholder engagement: Ensure board-level buy in and supplier engagement with holistic oversight and management of ESG data to ensure collaboration and reduce risks.

The result: A progressive, far-sighted, and evidence-based approach to ESG, incorporating and balancing the full spectrum of business needs. ESG360° provides a clear view of ESG risks and opportunities, while pursuing a strategic, profitable commercial agenda. “ESG360º has helped us adopt a more collaborative, strategic and commercially aware approach to ESG, providing us with the intelligence and tools to better steer our ESG agenda.” Director of ESG, FTSE 250 company

Meet the team:

Anj chadha
Chief Executive Officer

Anj is the CEO of ESG360°. Anj leverages nearly two decades of experience in scenario planning and risk management. The depth of his understanding of ESG and climate related financial risks to business comes from hands-on experience in implementing the Taskforce for Climate Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) recommendations within listed organisations. Anj also understands how these recommendations translate into useful frameworks as well as compliance with local country regulation.
Alessa Berg
Executive Chair

Alessa is the Executive Chair of ESG360°. Alessa is an impact-focused entrepreneur, investor and thought leader in the global sustainability industry. As the founder of Top Tier Impact, she has built and scaled the leading ecosystem for climate and ESG professionals across more than 45 countries. Alessa is a prolific angel investor and public speaker. Early in her career, Alessa worked in M&A at Goldman Sachs, private equity at Blackstone and venture capital at Mosaic Ventures.
Todor Gigilev
Chief Technology Officer

Todor is the CTO of ESG360°. Todor is a serial tech entrepreneur. Previously, Todor was the CEO of Dreamix, a product development company with 150+ software engineers delivering software solutions for large international companies like BNP Paribas, Royal Bank of Scotland, Morningstar, Daimler, VW. Todor brings his big data, data analytics, data security and data privacy expertise to help companies navigate the complexities of the sustainability transformation journey.