Friday 27 September 2019 2:29 pm

Donald Trump: I did not offer to lift Iran sanctions

US President Donald Trump has hit out at his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani after he claimed the US had offered to lift sanctions in exchange for discussions.

Trump tweeted: “Iran wanted me to lift the sanctions imposed on them in order to meet. I said, of course, NO!”

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Earlier today a statement on Rouhani’s website said that the US had offered to lift all sanctions in order to get Iran to the negotiating table.

“The German chancellor, the Prime Minister of England [UK] and the President of France were in New York and all insisted that this meeting take place. And America says that I will lift the sanctions,” Rouhani said. “It was up for debate what sanctions will be lifted and they had said clearly that we will lift all sanctions.”

He added: “But this action wasn’t in a manner that was acceptable, meaning that in the atmosphere of sanctions and the existence of sanctions and the toxic atmosphere of maximum pressure, even if we want to negotiate with the Americans in the 5+1 framework, no one can predict what the end and result of this negotiation will be.”

The price of Brent crude oil dropped on the statement from Rouhani, it has since regained some of its losses, but is down 1.9 per cent on the day.

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Tensions have been high in the Middle East this month, with the US and its allies pointing the blame at Iran for an attack on Saudi oil infrastructure, which knocked out half the country’s production.

The price of oil bounded 20 per cent just after the attacks.