Friday 3 April 2020 11:57 am

Coronavirus: The London coffee firms offering home delivery

The coronavirus lockdown has thrown everything off – from the morning commute to the pint after work. Odds are, it’s also disrupted your coffee routine. 

London coffee expert Tim Ridley tells City AM that most takeaway places have shut down thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, but plenty of the capital’s hotspots have pivoted to online shopping and delivery as home workers try and keep focussed on their laptops. 

“Home brewing equipment is also doing well,” Ridley – the founder of United Baristas – tells us, as previously time-poor commuters get used to the perhaps slightly more relaxed rhythms of home working. 

So all is not lost: London’s coffee revolutionaries have moved quickly to ensure that you can still get everything you need for a touch of caffeinated luxury. Here’s the crema of the espresso (geddit) to get you started.. 


Missing the cold brew slap-around-the-face from your local artisanal coffee spot? Solo have you covered. The suppliers to M, Kiln and others have stepped into the breach to ensure that nobody has to do anything so time consuming as turn the kettle on with free delivery of their 3 litre fridge pack. Brewed for 16 hours, the single origin coffee from the Minasul co-operative in Brazil is sure to keep you suitably attentive at your makeshift desk. 

Probably best to keep away from the kids, though, eh. They’re quite energetic enough already.


The Borough Market branch of London’s coffee Grande Dame is still open for a few hours a day but you can bet they’re doing a roaring trade online, with a phalanx of whole beans and ground coffee available on their website. Shipping within the UK is £2.50, and the website warns of potential delays, so best to stock up.


The new kid on the block said shutting its ever-expanding range of stores was “incredibly difficult” but their online delivery options offer plenty of choice straight from their Shoreditch roastery. Nespresso capsule pods stuffed full of their favourite blends come in a refillable tin, and the letterbox-friendly deliveries of freshly roasted ground coffee means you don’t even have to be there when the postman arrives (although you will, because you can’t leave the house, remember?).

Perky Blenders

Mercifully, this east London outfit’s coffee is better than its name (and the beans don’t come with a ludicrous Brummie accent, either). If variety is the spice of your caffeinated life, Blinders’ Coffee Club might be for you – a different bag of speciality coffee sent to your door every month for six months, currently discounted to £39. Bargain.

Hundred House

Award-winning Hundred House coffee nestled in the Shropshire hills has built a reputation for consistently sourcing great-tasting coffee and a favourite amongst baristas. The roaster focuses on single-origin coffee for filter brewing and if you like their coffee they have number of subscriptions, including a 3-month subscription for £25.50. Right now it’s free shipping, too, if you order two bags.

Climpson & Sons

One of the instigators of the London coffee scene, Climpson & Sons has a busy roastery in London Fields. While their well-known Broadway Market coffee shop is currently closed, the roastery is busy dispatching orders. Try the sampler packs which contain four different coffees to discover the types of coffee you enjoy from £30.00. climpsonandsons.comblack cof