Monday 7 October 2019 4:06 pm

Chinese success propels Mercedes-Benz to record third-quarter sales

Mercedes-Benz enjoyed record sales in the third quarter, despite a slowdown in the global automotive market, as a strong showing in China boosted the German luxury brand.

The Stuttgart-based manufacturer sold 181,233 cars in China in the three months ending in September, a nearly 13 per cent increase.

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Passenger car deliveries rose a similar percentage to about 590,000 in the same period.

It is welcome news for the brand, whose parent company Daimler suffered a €1.6bn loss in the second quarter.

That included a €700m loss for the Mercedes division, and contrasted sharply with a €2bn profit the year before.

Daimler was also handed an €870m (£767m) fine for its role in the diesel emissions scandal last month, compounding its financial woes.

Prosecutors in Stuttgart ruled that the Mercedes-Benz owner had committed a “negligent violation of supervisory duties” by failing to meet regulatory requirements for some of its diesel vehicles since 2008.

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Daimler has faced probes in both Germany and the US over allegations it used software to manipulate emissions tests.

In June the company was ordered to recall 60,000 Mercedes diesel cars in Germany after regulators found they were cheating anti-pollution measures.

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