Wednesday 14 October 2015 9:44 am

Black Friday 2015 UK predictions: This year's event is gearing up to be the UK's first ever £1bn shopping day

With the mania of Black Friday less than two months away, UK shoppers are getting ready to spend more money than they ever have before in one day.

Retailers are braced for the biggest shopping day of the year, after last year’s frenzy shocked many unprepared sellers – and this year sales are set to climb higher still. Black Friday 2015 could mark a milestone, as retail analysts are suggesting it looks set to be the UK’s first ever £1bn shopping day.

Glen Burson, chief technology officer at commerce consultancy Salmon, said:

We predict that in 2015 the frenzy of Black Friday, heightened by national press coverage, will lead to the first £1bn online shopping day in the UK.

Black Friday, a shopping phenomenon imported from the US, falls on 27 November this year.

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Last year, retailers were unprepared for the unprecedented surge in sales, which smashed industry experts’ forecasts by almost 50 per cent:

Black Friday's surge in sales in November 2014 threw traditional British pre-Christmas shopping habits into disarray.

Shoppers, lured to online retailers with significantly discounted cash promotions, spent an estimated £810m online in a single day.

Two-thirds of UK shoppers were unimpressed by retailers’ preparations for the manic demand on the day last year.