Friday 18 December 2020 2:41 pm

An arms and abs workout to burn some pre-Christmas calories

Throughout December, fitness studio Core Collective’s top trainers will be guiding you through a weekly sweat focusing on different areas each week to sculpt and strengthen.

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This week we’ll be working on strengthening, lengthening and toning our upper body. 

Trainer Heloise Nangle has devised a workout that features a 10 minute arms and 10 minute abs session. Try to complete these workouts in one go – feel the burn! 

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Heloise’s 20 minutes arms and abs workout

This is an EMOM (every minute on the minute) workout where you should do 40 seconds of work followed by a 20 second rest. Complete the below exercises one after the other and repeat three times. 

  1. Tempo Press Up: Start either in a plank position or on your knees, with your hands in line with your movements. Count to 3 as you slowly lower your body to the floor, and then push yourself back up again.
  2. Tricep Dips: Use a chair ensuring you really work on the depth of each rep, keeping your bum close to the seat.
  3. Loaded beast to shoulder tap: Start in a plank position with your feet hip width apart. Sit back onto your heels or as far as your mobility will allow, then drive forward back into your plank and tap your shoulder with your opposite arm, 1 rep on each side. 

10 minute Core Workout:

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  • One minute of knee taps in a table top position: Start in a table top position and raise your knees 1 inch off the floor. Using opposite hand to opposite knee, take turns to touch your knee – using your core to keep you stable. 

Tabata (20 second work followed by 10 second rest): 4 rounds of each exercise:

  • V-tucks
  • Side plank hip drop and raise (L)

Tabata (20 second work followed by 10 second rest): 4 rounds of each exercise:

  • Leg raises
  • Side plank hip drop and raise (R)
  • 1 minute of In and Out plank: start in a plank position, and jump your legs in and out. 

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