Monday 13 March 2017 8:19 am

Aldi is harnessing the '90s revival with a retro new logo

Aldi has launched a retro new logo as it goes for a ‘90s update to the German supermarket’s blue, red and orange badge.

Aldi Sued, the owner of the discount supermarket, rejected the flat design of its current logo, plumping instead for the gradient sheen beloved of companies when computers first became capable of giving that three-dimensional feel.

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The new logo is already being used in China, where “Aldi” literally means “a place of discoveries and happiness”, the company said. The UK will have to wait until at least June before customers can greet the new brand.

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“The fresh visual design of the new logo is ideally suited to the current modernisation process of Aldi Sued," said Kirsten Gess, the group’s communication director.

The group said the logo retains its “strong recognition value”, with little change to the overall concept. However, the group will also welcome an exciting new feature: the “A” element is capable of standing alone.

It may take some time to filter through to lucky UK consumers though, after the supermarket opened 70 stores over the course of 2016.

Aldi this year overtook the Cooperative as the fifth-largest supermarket in the UK by market share, while it also has the highest pay rates among the supermarket giants.

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