Tuesday 22 December 2015 4:50 pm

The 21 most remote Airbnb rentals to escape it all - from an Alaskan cabin in the woods to beachy island hideouts

With thoughts turning to taking a break and looking towards a brand new year, what better time to plan an escape from it all – whether it's over the festive season, or something to look forward to upon the return to work.

We've hunted high and low to dig out the places to stay on Airbnb which are, in some cases, literally at the ends of the earth.

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1. An Arctic lodge in Greenland

Take in views of icebergs, the northern lights, or 24-hour summer sunlight.

2. A Mongolian yurt in Yukon

Enjoy all the quietness of the remote region in Canada from a cosy yurt.

3. A treehouse in Costa Rica

Sit back and relax with treetop views across the rainforest.

4. An Airstream in Texas

Pretend it's the 1950s in this classic American Airstream – and enjoy the hot tub.

5. This windsurfer's heaven in Chile

Stunning sea views are the order of the day at this luxury beach house.

6. A tropical hut in Suriname

Avoid the usual tourist trap and lie back in a hammock in these tropical gardens.

7. This Bahamas island tree house

It has white beaches and clear blue seas at the door. Perfect.

8. Castle on the Galapagos

On an island in the middle of the sea, you can imagine you're king of this remote spot.

9. This Kangaroo Island retreat

An outback ranch on an Australian Island.

10. A Papua New Guinea sea lodge

Not just with sea views, this lodge sits over these Indonesian blue waters.

11. This La Digue island hideout

An island paradise with one of the best beaches in the world and no airport.

12. A Sao Tome island beach villa

A dream house with a dream view on another tiny island off the African coast.

13. Villa on the sea in Mauritania

A seaside villa on the rocks overlooking the Atlantic.

14. Beach Windmill on Island Graciosa

An unusual Azores island getaway.

15. Tiny cabin in the Alaskan woods

Rustic cabin, check. Snowy mountain views, check.

16. A Mongolian reindeer farm

Even more rustic is this simple spot in the wilderness, with no mod-cons.

17. A deserted Moroccan beach lodge

What more do you need than empty beaches and a huge terrace to watch the sunset.

18. This Uttrakhand lodge in North India

This homestead lives up to its name "La Belle Vie".

19. This crazy house in Vietnam

Dalat City has a unique place to get away from it all.

20. A Norwegian Quayside fishing lodge

A classic Scandinavian retreat. 

21. A Fjord-based boat

Hunker down in this floating getaway.