Monday 7 November 2016 12:17 pm

18 Twitter accounts to follow on US Election Day

I am a political journalist interested in education and business. I previously worked for The Times and Twitter, do a lot of running, and make good cake.

I am a political journalist interested in education and business. I previously worked for The Times and Twitter, do a lot of running, and make good cake.

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Excitement is building about polling day in the US tomorrow. The nervous-excitement that comes from watching an election from the other side of the world, which could be closer than the polls predict.

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After Brexit and an unforeseen result in the General Election last year, anything could happen. Here are the Twitter accounts should follow to keep you up to date with the latest happenings across the pond.

1. Donald Trump 


​This could be the future president of the United States, everyone. Although don't expect too many outbursts from the man himself in the next few hours – his team have apparently wrestled the account from him to stop him going off the rails on the last day of the campaign.

We're just getting boring "thank you" messages through right now – but this account is still worth keeping an eye on.

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2. Hillary Clinton 


… Or this could be the first woman to be elected as President. The polls are putting her just out in front, but there's still time for the balance to swing in favour of her rival. 

Of particular importance are any tweets addressed to herself, such as:

3. Barack Obama 


The man of the moment is stepping down after eight years in power. You'll want to keep an eye on what he's saying as the results come in, and when will he hand over the @POTUS account? Also, some of his tweets are brilliant.

4. Nate Silver 


The polling guru and founder of has come under fire in recent weeks for giving Trump a higher chance of winning than than many other pollsters are predicting. But he did get the outcomes of previous elections correctly, so many people trust him to predict this year's results right.

He's been feeling feisty in the last few days…

4. Ben Smith 


BuzzFeed's editor in chief in the US is worth a follow. His politics team are chasing the latest developments, and he's also one to point out stories from other outlets too.

5. Jon Sopel 


The Beeb's North America editor has been across the pond reporting the election for us over here. Keep up with the latest updates by following him

6. Briane Fallon 


Hillary's press secretary. A funny, gif-filled timeline.

7. Mike Pence 


The Indiana governor, and running mate of Donald Trump. Less controversial than his boss.

8. Tim Kaine 


Clinton's running mate, and US senator from Virginia.

9. Ari Fleischer


Former press secretary to George W. Bush. Now tweeting all sorts of comments on the current race for the White House.

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10. Jim Roberts


Formerly the chief content editor at Mashable, and assistant managing editor of the New York Times. He is now consulting editor for politics site The Hill.

11. Taegen Goddard 


Publisher of Political Wire.

12. Jake Tapper


Chief Washington correspondent and anchor for CNN.

13. Paul Ryan


The Republican speaker of the House of Representatives, Ryan initially endorsed Trump but then withdrew his support.

14. Ruby Cramer


Political reporter for BuzzFeed, covering Clinton.

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15. Jenna Johnson


Washington Post reporter covering Donald Trump.

16. John Santucci 


​Campaign reporter at ABC News, covering Donald Trump. He's been hitting a lot of rallies…

17. Piers Morgan


Everyone's favourite TV host is back in the UK now with Good Morning Britain, but previously went out to the US to work. Back in quieter times, Morgan won Trump's Celebrity Apprentice show, and now refers to him as a friend.

18. Stephen Colbert 


Late Show host and satirist. For the fun of the campaign.