Shale gas fracking

The Midland Valley in central Scotland has a “modest” amount of shale gas and oil compared to the north of [...]

1 July 2014

Today, New York's highest court ruled that the state's towns and cities can block hydraulic fracking within their [...]

30 June 2014

Scotland's shale gas reserves are relatively minor compared to those in the north of England, according to a new [...]

30 June 2014

WITH extremist ISIS fighters less than 60 miles from Baghdad, rogue generals in Libya periodically blockading [...]

12 June 2014

THE UK’S nascent shale gas industry was given a boost yesterday, as energy firms Cuadrilla and Egdon Resources [...]

12 June 2014

The Queen’s Speech today introduced the government’s new infrastructure bill, which supports the shale gas [...]

4 June 2014

SHALE gas explorers made gains on the London Stock Exchange yesterday, on the back of an encouraging reserve assessment [...]

3 June 2014

RUSSIA and China agreed on a $400bn, 30-year deal last week, wherein Gazprom will deliver 38bn cubic metres of [...]

29 May 2014

THE FRACKING debate continues apace, with the British Geological Survey announcing that there are over 4bn barrels [...]

27 May 2014

MORE companies are set to receive permits to frack for shale gas in the UK, with the government due to announce [...]

12 May 2014

THE INSTITUTE of Directors today welcomed the findings of a House of Lords committee’s report into the economic [...]

8 May 2014

WITH the Ukraine crisis intensifying and concerns growing over its impact on energy security, the government has [...]

24 April 2014

OVER one third of the UK’s energy will come from shale gas in the next decade, with 4,000 wells set to be drilled [...]

24 April 2014

SHARES in IGas jumped over 11 per cent yesterday, after the government indicated that energy companies would be [...]

23 April 2014

THE UK’S burgeoning shale gas industry will create tens of thousands of jobs and billions of pounds worth of [...]

22 April 2014

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