Sadiq Khan

Junk food adverts are set to be banned on the London Underground as well as at bus stops in a new measure to tackle [...]

16 November 2018

Transport for London (TfL) bosses did not claim any expenses over the summer while it was embroiled in troubles [...]

15 November 2018

Incoming Crossrail boss Mark Wild is set to earn £415,000 – a £45,000 increase on the earnings of his predecessor, [...]

14 November 2018

The delay to Crossrail will cost Transport for London (TfL) nearly £200m in lost passenger fares and advertising [...]

14 November 2018

London mayor Sadiq Khan will weigh in on the debate over Europe's post-Brexit clearing industry today, warning [...]

12 November 2018

London mayor Sadiq Khan has been accused of showing "incompetence" in his handling of the delay to the £15.4bn [...]

9 November 2018

Sadiq Khan has been accused of having the worst strikes record of any London mayor despite promising there would [...]

6 November 2018

Westminster City Council has launched a consultation into the development of Oxford Street after Sadiq Khan's [...]

6 November 2018

Sad news in my household: Moonie is not long for this world. The time is fast approaching when I must put her [...]

30 October 2018

London mayor Sadiq Khan has been urged to “get a grip” of transport in the city after the government bailed [...]

26 October 2018

Small firms must speed up plans for a no-deal Brexit, the Square Mile’s governing body has warned, as negotiations [...]

25 October 2018

Thousands of people are expected to march in central London today for a final referendum on the Brexit deal, the [...]

20 October 2018

Gatwick Airport has published controversial plans to use its standby runway to increase capacity in a move that [...]

18 October 2018

Moore's Law is an observable rule that has held broadly true since the mid-1960s. Named after the co-founder [...]

18 October 2018

Buses will run for 24 hours a day under new plans to develop Oxford Street which London mayor Sadiq Khan wanted [...]

18 October 2018

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