That’s a wrap: Citi’s tardy trader gets extra paperwork

A TRADER over at Citi clearly hasn’t heeded The Capitalist’s recent warning about office Christmas party hijinks, which result in one in ten festive revellers being disciplined at work the next day.

At a desk at Citi, one team decided to take the matter of punishment into their own hands when a colleague was AWOL the morning after the group’s Christmas gathering.

Our party boy turned up to work the next morning to discover his team had (remarkably neatly) gift-wrapped his entire desk – screens, chair, keyboard, mouse and even the stapler.

Certainly the most lenient of metaphorical slaps on the wrist that The Capitalist has come across.

City bookworms short of a good read to delve into over Christmas, JP Morgan has a few suggestions in the form of its 2012 JP Morgan Holiday Reading List. The 2012 compilation is the sixth incarnation of the bank’s suggested holiday literature, which is compiled from suggestions – all 412 of them – made by asset management employees globally, and whittled down to a final seven by a special book review committee. Making the Lit-list this year are A Million Little Bricks, which is an unofficial illustrated history of the LEGO phenomenon, and The End of Your Life Book Club, hardly a jolly Christmas read. Out of stock by popular demand is another illustrated tome, The Mastaba Project for Abu Dhabi.

The City is no stranger to losing the occasional lawyer to another profession post qualification. However SJ Berwin has had a two year qualified tax lawyer leave its midst, for a rather unusual reason. Lucy Gregory jumped off the legal career ladder to pursue a vocation in the field of artisan cheese. The former tax associate is now a Big Cheese in the world of dairy delights, and has authored a book on the subject – the London Cheese and Wine Guide. Gregory was also wheeled out to judge the Cheesemonger of the Year category at the recent World Cheese Awards. With daily tastings of food and fine wines, sounds like she would have been crackers not to make the move.