Lib Dem revolt on uni fees

SIR?Menzies Campbell, the former leader of the Liberal Democrats, yesterday joined a chorus of Lib Dem MPs and said he would vote against any rise in university tuition fees.

The government is expected to back Lord Browne’s report on university funding, which recommends that the £3,290 cap on tuition fees should be scrapped, even though all Lib Dem ministers said they would vote against a hike in student contributions.

But yesterday Campbell said he would vote against the plans in the Commons. “My credibility would be shot to pieces if I did anything other than stick to the promise I made,” he added.

Campbell will be joined in the “No” lobby by Charles Kennedy, also a former leader, who has signalled that he is unhappy with the plans. And Simon?Hughes, deputy leader, said the coalition should try to “improve” Browne’s plans.